Month: March 2010

Amron Heatswell: Heat Swelling Material

I’ve seen a variety of cool materials in my days but I’ve never thought about using one to act as a cup holder after pouring in a hot beverage as this Heatswell project by Amron does.  I’m very curious to find out if the actual forms can be controlled. I’m guessing the forms don’t retract either, but if they did, I’d imagine a whole line-up of clothing that changed forms based on the humidity in ones environment. Watch the video above or here. (it gets much more interesting after 1:35)

Shoes that make everyone the same height

Woa, awesome project, from way back in 1997. Making shoes to make everyone level. What are the social behaviors now…

“Berlin-based artist Hans Hemmert (famous for his work with balloons) threw a party where guests wore shoe-extenders to make them all the same height of 2 meters. Aside from bringing the partygoers all to a common eye level (and eliminating the awkward postures of party talk between the tall and the short), the gathering is lent an infographic nature by the shoes: all made from blue foam, the person’s real height is read in the visual uniformity of the sole instead of at the head—like a walking bar graph.

This (completely underpublished) project, entitled “Level,” is from 1997, produced for the Personal Absurdities show at the Galerie Gebauer Berlin. Finding it now, in 2010, I can’t help but read it as a design event, getting directly at the basic qualities that shape our interactions with others—what does it mean when we all share one height?

Hans Hemmert is part of the art collective Inges Idee. Check out their site for more amazing projects in public space.”

via core77

O Ya Restaurant

Hidden within a quiet alley in Boston’s Leather District is a restaurant experience inside a cozy brick and beam environment with dim lights echoing eclectic music while your senses feast on intricate creations at a placed called O Ya .

I’d heard numerous rave reviews (nytimes , yelp) about O Ya since it’s opening 3 years ago, and with delight experienced what just might have been one of my favorite sushi meals in Boston. The combination of a warming environment, attentive personal service, a carefully crafted menu, and an execution to freshness and details made out for an fantastic experience… damn it was good!

Read the rest of the review after the jump which has several photos and reactions to each dish, including the full O Ya menu.