Month: May 2006

The Art of Experimental Interaction Design

The Art of Experimental Interaction Design “The art of experimental interaction design” is a great book to have if you want to see some of the best interaction projects that merge and question the physical, interactive, and interface world together. The book contains projects by ideo, antenna design, daniel rozin, golan levin, and many others. It also includes a CD documenting several of the books projects. I’ve had a hard time finding great books dealing with the physicality in interaction design and electronics, but here it is. Most interaction books only cover interfaces and rarely bridge back to the physical world. I’ve had this book for about a year, and it’s been an everlasting source of inspiration.

Preservation Ads

Preservation Ads Young&Rubicam has created some beautiful blueprint poster ads for preserving our national parks. Taking a glimpse at these ads make me cringe at the idea of nature becoming manufactured mechanical elements. I know lots of things are getting teched up these days, but I’d rather not see nature go in this direction. There are three pdf posters in this series: Delicate Arch, Yosemite Falls , and Giant Sequoia.
Also reminds me of the Climate Crisis movie that everyone should watch, “An Inconvenient Truth”.

via bldgblog
An Inconvenient Truth preview

English Study Toilet Rolls!

English Study Toilet Rolls! I think I’ve seen it all now. News rolls, black rolls, and now english lessons on toilet paper rolls. Toilet paper is due for some creative innovation in todays tech world, and would be a great brainstorm exercise to start off a day. It’s a funny idea for disposable literature though. Start your engines and send in some ideas!

update: another great mix that will leave ya stunned..learning english and exercising here!