Month: April 2006

Isle Lounge

Isle Lounge

The widely popular Isle Lounge Chair (sofa) is finaly available for sale, even though the price is still rather high, but to have one of these suckers in my house would rock!!(given I had a space for it) Roll around in it, sit and lounge with 10 others in it, take a picture and look like a munchkin in it, or even roll a basketball around you for endless hours of fun. I’m sure if I ever got one of these beauties I’ll feel like a kid again.
I’ve posted some great images of this monster after the jump…

More Pics
IsleLounge website


Fuselage Library concept (lot-ek)

Fuselage Library concept  by lotek

Lot-ek has always been a favorite in the realms of sustainable architecture along with an assortment of incredible projects dealing with art, architecture, information, urban reality, and technology woven into our everyday lives. Recently they introduced an astonishing concept for a library using over 200 Boeing 727 and 737 fuselages. The fuselage is the ONLY part of a decommissioned airplane that cannot be effectively recycled. Check out their site for some very inspirational ideas, especially their use of cargo vessels.

fuselage project
other cargo container projects

Color Changing Concrete!

Color Changing Concrete

Chronos Chromos concrete brings to us adaptable concrete that changes colors to create images, text, or just plain cool ambient aesthetics. In a large space. The transition is a bit slow, but has a magical blurring quality to it. I’m not sure how much this system would cost, but I look forward to finding and experiencing it soon. Check out their demo video! (takes awhile to download)