Month: May 2008

Nick Demarco: Reuse, Garbage Chair

Nick Demarco XS garbage chair

Call it what you want, but I think this is a great idea by student Nick Demarco! Buy this plastic bag/mesh shaped chair, stuff it with dry items you’d be throwing away anyways or what you have too much of, and you have a comfy chair. Take those old shirts, magazines, bottles, stuffed bears, newspapers, etc.

This is a great “Reuse” project. I’ve got a huge pile of old shirts and magazines that would work great for making a snazzy couch! Reminds me a bit of the very expensive yet cool Campana teddy chairs!

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video interview Disposable Elements for Catering Disposable Elements For Catering
Wow! I love it when the ordinary becomes extraordinary. In this instance creates “Disposable elements for catering”! I’m not sure the cost on these jewels but every time I pass by cheap ugly paper/plastic plates in the grocery store, I’m going to venture my eyes around for a set of these, especially the sweet soup cups! Plastic at it’s best! Damn this is hot!

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Erik Nordenankar: Biggest Drawing in the World

Erik Nordenankar biggest drawing in the world dhl

Artist Erik Nordenankar has created the “Biggest Drawing in the World” according to his webpage.

In short, he had a grand vision to draw a huge self-portrait. He sent away a briefcase containing a GPS device around the world through DHL which plotted it’s journey in 55 days. The end result, a pretty sweet self-portrait. The GPS container became his pen and the world became his canvas.

However true or fictional this may be, it’s a pretty cool idea. He has a good documentation of it online, and a youtube videos here.

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