Month: November 2007

Michal Tatarkiewicz's Subway Drawings

Michal Tatarkiewiczs subway drawings

I’m diggin Michal Tatarkiewicz’s Subway Drawings. It reminds me of my room and desk… plastered full of sketches on every corner! If your a designer or artists, pin those sketches up; the rough, unfinished, drafts, doodles, refined,…seriously, it’s great to see sketches all over the place, or in Michal’s instant in large format! I’ve been to a few restaurants where they give ya a bunch of crayons and an entire table to sketch on… after some time, they post them all up on their walls. Makes for a great environment…napkin sketches at their best.

via WoosterCollective
A bunch more pics on his myspace page.

Mini, Clubman, Cube, xb, wat what!

bmw mini cooper clubman 2008

I’ve been craving a new car for some time, waiting on the Nissan Cube to hit the states (2008) while hopping on the hybrid fuel Toyata Prius bandwagon, as everyone should, but the soon to be released Mini Clubman (stretched mini) has really caught my attention, being small, a bit boxy, and oddly cute like the other cars that I’ve pondered over such as the Scion Xb, Honda Element, and the o so small Smart Car. Of the bunch only the regular mini, xb, and Element are out. I think I can wait as the Mini Clubman (spring 2008) seriously rocks, but I’ve heard rumors that the Nissan Cube (late 2008) is suppose to be a hybrid, as it’s also a 4 door which I like… but the Clubman has this odd 3rd door on the passenger side, much like a secret VIP door to the back seat and some cool barn yard like back doors.

So what does it come down to for me and my next ride?…hmm, fuel economy, cool-oddness, space, fun, comfortable, and some sweet unusual extras.(yes, I know I’m kinda into this boxy pixel thing) Anyhoots, I thought I’d just share my thoughts with ya’ll, perhaps getting some input on what to do or any other thoughts on oddball sweet rides… ooo..Regular mini, Mini Clubman, xB, Cube3, Element, Smart, or I could always just settle with the square “Modular Car“!

Some pictures and links after the jump!

Portfolio Day Tips!

risd portfolio day nyc

For the past 5 years I’ve been reviewing portfolios for RISD in Boston and now New York City every fall during National Portfolio Days, giving students tips, and digging a bit deep into who, what, and why they are. Every year thousands of students throughout the world wait in mile long lines in the frigid air seeking reviews and tips from schools in all corners. RISD tends to get several tables being one of the largest schools in the nation and many individuals wait for hours just to get a few minutes with us. I went through this experience throughout high school, so I know how disgruntling it can be.

I try to talk to each individual as much as possible, but with hundreds waiting in line it’s tough to dive deep into students personal passions, directions, and experiences without going straight to the basic tips. Many don’t get to see us, hence I thought I’d post some basic points from my experience in what design/art schools seek for incoming students. The tips after the jump!


Weekend Links

weekend links

What an exhausting fun filled thanksgiving week/end! I was out in the Vegas area with family and friends pounding out hours of non-stop eating, mahjong, wii-ing, casino visits, shows, shopping, and many goofy hours with my many cousins in arcades (punch the duck game above) and everything else. Good times!

I’ve only returned to find out that a parking ticket I appealed 3 months ago got declined for no reason. I had pictures etc supporting the wrongful ticket, yet they will only let me dispute it in court, meaning take a day off from work, or pay the crummy $50. I really don’t understand why they don’t fix their system. Sure this system makes people pay more tickets, but when a wrongful ticket is given, the only choice is to pay rather than take a day off.

Design Note: Making money can be a sign of a great business, but sneaky tricks will lower the brand trust and the longevity in a business. Users come first in my world… always! Don’t you love those brands that just fix things without asking questions, then hate the ones that do ask!
Now for the links:
Pancaking a truck video! launches “kindle”, their e-book/ink reader.
Cool Torn graffiti work by Alexandre Farto
Creative IKEA ads… I wonder if these layouts would be good?
Swims: Rubber slip-on booties for your nice shoes.
Popcorn Fork!
Cool origami folds using bills!
What hundreds of thin paint layers look like stacked!
An Interview with Jim Gromen on the rebirth of MadBalls!
Another Eco Friendly Powerstrip!
Google Android (G-phone) emerges!

TED 2008 Prize winners announced!

The 2008 TED prize winners have just been announced. As usual they are stunning individuals with global minds and big ideas! Check out the winner through the TED video above or here. I can’t wait to hear their dream announcements in March.

TED 2008 winners:
Neil Turok: physics
Dave Eggers: writer and activist
Karen Armstrong: religion