Month: August 2006

Greener Electronics


Having read William McDonough & Michael Braungarts book Cradle to Cradle, then watching Inconvenient Truth, I’ve become more of an environmentalists to some degree. Being an Industrial Designer, I’m familiar with the tons of products, materials, and manufacturing techniques that are incredibly destructive to our environment, but I never knew how major companies ranked in this destruction. Well, Greenpeace recently issued a “Guide to Greener Electronics” report card which offers a detailed ranking of some very well known tech firms based on a criteria. Dell and Nokia ranked well(kudos to them), but tech giants Apple, Motorola , Acer, and Toshiba ranked as some of the worst! However true or untrue this chart is, it puts a definite ding into those brands the next time I buy some electronics. Read the rest of the Cnet article here, or read some comments on engadget here.

Tip Guides

tip guide receipt

Just when I thought my math skillz could not get dumbified any comes a “tip guide” on a recent receipt of mine. I received the bill, and as usual, tried calculating what 18% was, but while calculating this mind exercise I noticed on the bottom of the bill was a “tip guide” that already did the calculations at 10, 15, and 20% of the bills cost. As much as I love this little added service, I worry that I’ll become dumb with math, much like what spell-check has done to my mad spelling skillz as I mentioned in my post about dumbifying tech.

Kick Butt, Singing, Dancing, Airline Attendants

kung fu airline

“As well as being aged between 18 and 24 with a knowledge of Korean, skilled in singing and dancing and of “nice appearance”, the new flight attendants will be trained as “part-time security guards” on the flights. “There’s no specific type of martial art we require, it could be kung fu or tae kwon do,” said Cai Chao, a Sichuan Airlines spokesperson.

I’ll let ya’ll make your own thoughts on this airline attendant angle from China to Korea. La la la, pow pow, 360, please buckle up!

Read more via upgradetravel
Article via TheIndependant

Ahree Lee: 3 years of pictures video

Ahree LeeEver since I bought a digital camera I wanted to take a picture of myself everyday for a long period. Well, that long period lasted maybe a week before I broke my routine. If your wondering what the results would have been like, check out Ahree Lees documentation of herself everyday for the last 3 years here!!!(or the full video here) It’s pretty amazing seeing time pass by. There’s this other guy that took a picture of himself each morning for a year, and this Google employee with a photolog of every single meal he had at Google for about a year. Be interesting if you could get a ClickDensity map of some sort over those images…perhaps what parts have changed, where zits appeared and vanished, what you ate, etc. Perhaps something like MouseMiles, to track the distance you mouse travels daily.
update: a guy does it for 6 years here!

Diesel Watch

Diesel WatchWhile in I was stuck in the London airport, I came across a sweet little watch by Diesel. For those of you that know me, I’m a sucker for watches, and yes, this is yet another one I’m craving to get now.(Comes in black as well, though this white one really stands out) One thing I’ve noticed is how detailed online shopping can get. You can really zoom in on this watch, down to the wrinkles next to the stitch lines. Super specs, 3D animations, a bundle of user reviews, commercials, color options, perhaps printable and wearable products… what’s next for the online shopping experience world?

Buy it here in Black!

The $100 million giveaway

million dollar investments

What are some of the BEST start-up ideas that investors and VC’s are willing to sink their teeth into? Well, if your an entrepreneur seeking an idea, perhaps you should read this article by CNNMoney which gives insight to what certain big named investors are seeking in their next big catch. For the list, go here.The shortlist version:
– The Ultimate iDrive
– New Tricks for Old Drugs
– Search for the Small Screen
– The eBay of Product Placement
– Luxury Living on a Budget