Month: January 2007

Thomas Raschke:wire frames

Thomas Raschke - wire frames

Thomas Raschke brings to us his wonderful series of “wire frame” artwork pieces ranging from full sized rooms, teddy bears, radios, power tools, and various other objects made from wire steel…yup I said wire steel (the above image is not from a computer). Most 3D designers are use to seeing wireframe on the computer screen, but having a wireframe table, house, or space would actually be pretty cool. I’ll post a few of his images after the jump.


"World Wide Mind"

22nd century: world wide mind

Woa! Telepathic Thoughts, A Computer Inside his Skull, A Computer for your Eyes, and Wiring your Brain. PBS recently premiered pilot series “22nd Century” which dives first hand into the intriguing theory of the wired brain with some fascinating examples in our current society! If you have an hour, this is a must watch video for some serious questioning, inspiration, and mystifying wonder. (thanks Alycia!)

Advertising Graffiti

advertising graffiti

Rocketboom has a great video clip from graffiti research lab, eyebeam and the anti-advertising agency on nyc’s graffiti problem inspired by jo lee’s abstractor tv. Watch it, wonder, and get inspired! I never thought about advertising this way, but this video made me realize the obvious.

update:Here’s an interesting follow up to this story where a simple marketing ad campaign turns into graffiti which then turns into a huge media blitz on being a bomb threat in Boston considered to the big media an act of terriorism when it is hardly even that. If you have not heard about this somewhat stupendous media buzz yet incredibly successful marketing act, follow up on the story on some great coverage here, here, here, or the many links here….then the great sign to “the media” about what they should cover here!

How to Be Silicon Valley

silicon valley san francisco

If you’re an entrepreneur seeking the next vibrant Silicon Valley, give Paul Grahms essay “How to Be Silicon Valley” a read which breaks down the elements needed for another Silicon success. He has some great points which have swayed me towards certain cities more, but that’s just me. If ya feel stuck between a few key cities to choose from, this essay just might be the trick to make ya feel unstuck.(thanks keith)
Full article after the jump(incase the url vanishes)




It’s about time someone took advantage of Caller ID! YouMail creates a neat little service that makes voicemail a bit more customizable.

“YouMail is the new voice mail for cell phones. Among many features, it allows you to record unique voice greetings for anyone who calls you, based on their caller ID. Individualize your voice greetings for friends, family or important callers while maintaining a standard greeting for work and unknown callers.

Check your voice messages from any phone or via the web and forward favorite messages to anyone via email. Have fun with the already infamous DITCHMAIL feature that hangs up on unwanted callers after your custom greeting for them is played.”

The only problem on my end is that they do not support Sprint currently, and guess who I use. Give YouMail a go, if you can, and let me know how it is.

update: Visual Voicemail by Callwave.

Bossa Acai Juice..yummm

bossa acai juice
On one of my “let’s try a new drink” journeys at the grocery store, I grabbed a small bottle of Bossa Acai Juice(mango). So, what is Acai exactly? According to the label Acai is a purple rainforest berry that claims to be the “World’s most healthy Fruit” with the highest amount of antioxidants surpassing our beloved Pomegranate fruit. This was enough for me to give it a go, and I’ll have to say, it was delicious! Served chilled, it was very refreshing, and just enough to give you a boost of energy from the 10 oz bottles. I’ll have to grab a case of these next time around.

Nokias Future Vision

nokia future communications vision youtube videos

“Nokia has released a number of short videos on YouTube that explore how mobile phone design may change in the next three or four years.

There is a video for each of the four categories, or put more simply different lifestyles, that Nokia focuses on.

The videos are not showing prototypes of actual phones or devices that Nokia is currently working on or plans to launch. They are exploring futuristic concepts and potential new ideas that may or may not be produced in years to come. They are designed to inspire and stimulate discussion around how the mobile device of the future might look and function in our lives.”

via experientia

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videos and summaries after the jump!

Fizzy Fruit: Fruits with a pop!

fizzy fruitIn the past few years, there have been tons of companies trying to find the next big snack for kids that are actually healthy. Well, for my taste, “Fizzy Fruit” just might be this next big thing!!!

“Fizzy Fruit — whole grapes or slices of apples or pineapples carbonated in a secret process with the same carbon dioxide that’s in soft drinks but without added sugar.”

Yup, it’s giving healthy fruits that pop much like in PopRocks, a fresh sparkling apple cider, or a nice bubbly Bellini. Personally I get that snap in a nice crisp cold grape, but this only guarantees that pop in a fizz format now.

I have not actually tried FizzyFruit yet, but I first heard about carbonated fruit at PopTech! when Chef Homaru Cantus of Moto Restaurant in Chicago showed us how he used carbonated oranges to squeeze fresh orange soda for customers right in front of them.

Another great find by the BookofJoe along with a “how to” for making this carbonated fruit yourself ;). Pretty simple.

1. Place dry ice in cooler.
2. Place fruit of your choice in cool, but NOT touching the dry ice.
3. Close the cooler and let it sit overnight.
4. Enjoy your carbonated fruit!

USAtoday article.(article after the jump)


Perceptive Pixel

jef han fastcompnay video

A nice FastCompany article on Jef Hans Multi-Touch progression that I posted about last year. If you get the chance, check out the printed article which includes a fun Matrix-like cover image of Jef with multiple hands(image after the jump). Jef has launched a new company to further develop this project called Perceptive Pixel. Press on the image above to watch the video or go to the embedded video after the jump.(I embedded after the jump cause the video plays automatically with music that can be distracting)

Why Wii Wins

wii gaming funTo follow up on my post about the Wii’s prediction, many people have asked me why I think it’ll dominate? Well, besides the great name, amazing content, lower price, and loyal brand, the Wii is incredible because it keeps an element in real life sports that no other gaming device has kept. That element is “mystery”.

In real life sports, no one quite understands how they did something, hit something, or rolled that bowling ball in that exact way. Everyone has an individual technique that is hard to explain yet they know it. Most sports games in this digital age are metered based on ones ability to hit a button at a precise calculated time for the best score. In life, you learn by trial and error for what works. In most digital games, you know what works best based on a meter. I’m not saying the Wii is not driven by calculation, but it keeps it a mystery since the controller has direct movements that are hard to replicate. When I played the Wii, every action by my friends were followed up with, “what did you do, how did you do it, show me what you did, etc”. I’d only follow up with, “I think I did this, I twisted after pressing, I was a little lower, or I snapped my wrist”.

Life is a mystery, sports are a mystery in technique, and the Wii has brought that magic back into our sports gaming life with a bit more exercise. Sometimes knowing all takes away all.