Month: June 2007

Apple Evolution Map

apple evolution map

The highly anticipated iPhone stormed Apple stores nationwide yesterday evening relieving a frenzy of all night camping fanatics to their all mighty metal $600 phone. I’ve had my share of playing around with the mega sexy device, but thought I’d post a wonderful poster depicting Apples product evolution that perhaps gives insight to their next creations. Click on the picture above for the full matrix of products.
via tofslie (thanks gordon)

Photoshop Blooper

victoria secret catalog blooper photoshop mistakeFor all ya’ll designers out there that crop, chop, add, and retouch photos, please don’t make a huge mistake like this catalog (I think Victoria Secret) before it goes out for print, which it did. I’m thinking an extra (adams family) hand on a high end models shoulder is a bit creepy. Someones getting fired…. Click on thumbnail image for full size image.

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Uniqlo Mixplay!

uniqlo japan mixplay

WOW! Uniqlo Japan has a stunning video for their lineup of color parkas and a pretty sweet mixplay website to to browse through.

Watch their awesome mixplay video (have sound on)(gets really nice after 2:00) of 4 dancers bustin out some sweet robotica moves, mixed along with matrix-like slow motion moves, mashed up with great beats, locks, and freezes. Some may think the films been edited, but my guess is it’s real time and purely mad skillz! They held a live version during the holidays in one of their stores in Japan and someone made a remix of their original with a more upbeat tempo here.

I’ll post all 3 videos after the jump. (Have your sound on)


Sharp Shooter

Perhaps I’m a HEROES fan, but if I were to experience what’s shown in this video (click on picture), I’d be be stuck standing still thinking, woa! Check out this video with this kid and his mad skillz, and decide if he’s a geek, super-hero, then back to geek again. ( notice he reaches for more money at the end as if he didn’t beat the high score, even though the 3 digit score box looped around after 999)

Worldwide Gasoline prices

worldwide gasoline prices

If you’ve been yelling at your local gas pump prices, give a glimpse to this visual map of worldwide prices, though I’m not sure how up to date it is since it marks NY at $2.76. (last I checked it was around $4 near the city at least) I’m in Boston and prices are a bit under $3. Luckily I’m not suffering the crazy prices in London ($6.65) or Hong Kong ($6.30). Perhaps I’ll await my Prius, or hopes for a hybrid Nissan Cube 😉 (the Cube finally comes out to the US in 2008)

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What you don't know about sushi!

sushi sashimi facts

I’d consider myself a knowledgeable sushi addict-fanatic, but I was caught by surprise to learn– “good sushi are made from fish which is at least a few days old.” Woa, really? I’m one to rarely eat at sushi buffets or $1 sushi places open on Mondays, but I guess it’s a bit like a good aged steak, a bottle of aired wine, or the secret to really good Asian fried rice (it’s gotta be a day old).

If your a sushi fan curious to learn more about the wonderful world of sushi, give this article a glance or listen to a great interview(54 mins) with author (The Zen of Fish: The Story of Sushi, from Samurai to Supermarket) and foodie Trevor Corson.

Article after the jump.
Audio Interview here.
WiseBread Article via spluch
Picture above: sushi I ate in Portland ME.