Month: June 2009

Inventor: Michael Jackson

The world was shaken to the tragic news of Michael Jacksons passing this weekend. As weeks progress and the world seeks into his incredible mysterious life many new things will be learned.  One element that has surfaced is his contribution not only to music and dance, but in inventing!

In his amazing performance for “Smooth Criminal” Michael gracefully leans 45 degrees forwards then back seemingly defying the laws to physics. How did he do it? With a pretty awesome patent (5255452) on shoes to allow this mesmerizing act. Watch a classic video of this move in the video above here. (see at 3:50)

I hope someone makes these shoes available for all to rock out on! Michael, you are a global legend who made massive changes to our society and an icon in history never to be forgotten … Rest in Peace.

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Cardboard Clouds!

I’ve seen clouds, real clouds, and web clouds, but I’ve never see cardboard clouds, created by Fantastic Norway,  which give a pixelated environment of brown clouds which looks pretty awesome in a huge warehouse space. If you have a huge space to do something, go make cardboard clouds! Reminds me a bit of the styrofoam robots!

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Dushi: Super Sized Stuffed Animals by

I think I’m going to require any cool space to have Super Sized Stuffed Animal Dolls by Florentijn Hofman from now on, which is on exhibit at Galerie West in The Hague (The Netherlands).

About the show:
Dushi: A solo show inspired by the toys and (cuddle)sculptures of children, where the change of scale completely changes their function and feeling.

Whenever I see a large room with space to fill, I’m going to think it needs a super sized stuffed animal to jump onto.

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source: florentijnhofman

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Susan Jane Belton: Coffee Cup Paintings

I went to some open studios last week in Boston and met Susan Jane Belton who some years ago was bored, and started painting what happened to be in her studio space, which just so happen to be a pile of to go coffee cups sitting in a corner. Ever since she’s been collecting, bagging, and painting her daily cups of coffee… not all, but the ones the intrigue her. I wish I took a picture of her wall of plastic bags full of coffee cups. Nice simple collection!

Check out Susans work!

The Outlet Wall

A convenient  wall of outlet plugs. I’d prefer an inductive wall with magnetic plugs! Anyhow, this beats finding the darn outlet each time hidden beind everything… though I’d fear a flare up.

“Instead of hiding your outlets behind furniture and worrying about the mess of wires tangled behind your entertainment center, consider making an entire wall that’s nothing but outlets. Then you can artfully plug in your appliances wherever the cords look pleasing to you.”

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