Month: May 2007

Royksopp: Remind Me (kick butt graphics)

Great video by “Royksopp: remind me”. Watch it above or click here. I’ve seen stills from the video a few times, but I never knew it was an animation, which seriously rocks! Some incredible, simple, vectored “information communication graphic art work”(aka the art seen in those airplane emergency inserts) Check it out, be jealous of the sweet graphics, and great music to go along with it.

Web TV Streams videos lost show

I’m the type that rarely has time for TV(seen more shows on airlines), but sometimes that TV playing in the background catches my attention and I’m hooked on a TV show or two(three, four). One huge problem is catching a show in the mist of a series and not really understanding everything. What now; TiVo, Bit Torrent, Kazaa,, or wait for the DVDs?

Well, now for the great news! I recently (finally) caught an episode of LOST and got addicted a few weeks back and was drastically confused and curious. Luckily started streaming all of their episodes online last summer, and just recently announced they would be streaming their shows at HD(high definition) quality in July!

Anyhoots, The LOST season finale “Through the Looking Glass” is tonight, so if your like me, and missed a bunch of their episodes, go watch their TV streams and prepare for the ever elusive season finale tonight! Otherwise, watch any of your other favorite ABC shows. also streams their shows now. I’m sure many other TV networks will do the same (it’s TiVo online!)

update: in case any of ya’ll are interested in what was written in that mysterious “newspaper clipping” from the seasons finale episode, click after the jump for the rumored somewhat seen answer. via LostPedia


Taste3 2007: videos

taste3 conference 2007

OoooOoo, the tantalizing 2007 TASTE3 conference (Food, Wine, Art) just released a handful of lectures from this past years event here. For those who attended, I’m jealous, but for those unable to attend (me!) here’s a jump start to some awesome videos.(watch Bryant Simon from the TASTE3 2006 if your in the design, art, experience field) I’ll post all the videos that are up so far after the jump…after watching the videos, go register asap as ticket prices rise and sell out as nexts years conference nears! happy tasting!!!


PBS TV: Everyday Edisons

Everyday Edisons pbs tv show inventions

“Everybody has a great idea that could change the way we work, the way we live or the way we play. Everyday Edisons documents the development process of 14 inventions and the parallel stories of the people who invented them as they are taken from a sketch on a napkin to a store shelf.”

If your the type that craves to see, watch, and understand the creative methodology of a product idea to market, take a glimpse at the new documentry invention show Everyday Edisons on PBS (a Bouncing Brain Production), which follows a handful of inventors through their journey to bring their ideas to shelves for everyone to buy. Unlike some reality shows, there are no winners or losers and no cheesey competitions. This show follows and documents the story behind each individual over the time of a year working with a large team of people to make their products a reality with the real prize being a spot on store shelves.

The series started a few weeks back, so check out your pbs listings for your local air times(usually on Saturday). Even though the first season has not finished, it seems the show has licensed through some pretty good channels, skymall, and a few of the inventions have popped up on Amazon though not available at the moment.

update: They have their very own YouTube Channel to watch and subscribe to!!!!

RISD Collections Fashion Show

risd collections apparel fashion show 2007

I’m off to the fabulous RISD Collections Apparel Fashion show (2007 press release here) over the weekend displaying over 150 outfits from 50 select students. If your in the area, there might be a few tickets (2pm and 7pm shows), but from previous years, it’s pretty jam packed during both walks. If your around on sunday may 20th, the one-of-a-kind outfits are for sale in the market square. Off to RISD!!! Whoohoo!!!

iSave water indicator

isave fawcet concept

iSave is a pretty sweet concept that just might make you behaviorally turn that fawcet off when brushing your teeth to conserve the amount of precious water you use/waste daily.”This device has a digital display that works with the help of a turbine. When you open the faucet the pressure of the water activates the device and it displays the amount of water consumed.”

I recently read in a card in the book “Drivers of Change” this:

“How long will we continue to flush our toilets with drinking water?”
“Although two-thirds of the earth’s surface is covered by water, only 1% is fresh water.”
“Within 30 years, the majority of the world’s population will not have enough potable water” ‘water wars’ are very likely to occur.”

Personally, I’d love to have the iSave in my house, then yell at my friends that take 2 hour showers, or leave the fawcett running for 10 minutes while brushing their teeth. It’s almost like being carbon-neutral, but just in the world of water. Perhaps the same could be made for electrical sockets. Less is better…kinda like a weight scale when your dieting 😉

via newlaunches