Month: April 2008

Pangea Day: May 10

Filmmaker and 2006 TED prize winner Jehane Noujaim made a wish to “Create a day in which the world came together through film.”

That exciting day is this May 10th, gathering a global audience to watch a series of films made by the world for the world, which will broadcast around the globe live at the same time.

Gather a community of your family and friends and watch this amazing inspirational film together. Host an event in your home, backyard, office, or any other location to share this extremely rare experience with all.

Watch Jehane’s wish during TED here, host an event, check out the Pangea Day webpage, or watch a few more videos on their Youtube site.

I’ll be in LA during this event… this is a must do, watch, spread event.

Bert Simons: Paper Portraits

Bert Simons paper portraits

First comes the whole pixelation craze then comes Bert Simons with his paper craft portraits which appear as fractal faceted faces in a somewhat eerie way….maybe it’s just how he hangs them like deer heads. Anyhow, very cool visual…Not sure how to do this on my own, but I just might have to upload my face via some 3D program (maybe Blender as he’s free) then print out a cutout mixing it up with the cool illusion of the Gardner Dragon! (that would rock if I could mix these two)

I’ll copy a few of the over here after the jump!

Cozy Seat: Diagonal Seats for heads to rest!

delta cozy airline seats

Cozy Seats: Diagonal seats allowing individuals to finally rest their bobbing sleepy heads somewhere on airplanes!It’s about time an airline tried these out, though a sliding wall would have done the trick. I’m not too sold on this idea for spacial reasons, but it’ll be interesting to see even though meeting cool strangers sitting next to you will be tricky. Laptop peepers, yeah..I’ll be asking for aisles seats. Delta planes to install theses in some economy class seats by 2010.

Some pics after the jump via newlaunches.

Weekend Links

wii guitar hero shirt
– an awesome Wii Guitar Hero shirt above.
DIY sawed off USB stick..seriously nerdy awesome!
– A great intellectual interview(mp3) to Bruce Schneier on Security and Beyond Fear.
Paparazzi for the rest of us: the service in getting photographed secretly!
– Visualization of our current space debris!
Hilarious iphone review! (video).

Japanese Automated Bicycle Park

In a period where bikes are just as congesting as cars comes the invention field in storage. Watch the above video for an automated bicycle parking facility in Japan which is pretty cool! It reminds me of the VW car storage system.

Either way, very cool, though for the biking system, I’d prefer it to be a tower like the VW rather than a big tunnel underground. I’m also not sure what would prevent someone from sitting on their bike while the robo machine jolted ya down to the lower levels…love the camera work in the video!

via gizmodo

Gardner Dragon Illusion

This is an amazing illusion that plain makes ya go woa, what, wow!
Print out this dragon, cut it out, fold it a few times, and you’ll get this freaky illusion that the dragons head becomes 3 dimensional and it’ll follow your every move sideways, up, and down… ooo, and you need to close one eye to get the illusion though I had a few people get the illusion with both of their eyes open…seriously, this is awesome! I’m making a bunch of them!

Watch the video above
Download the Dragon image here.
via paperkraft

John Kanzius : Cure Cancer Through Radiowaves!

Woa! This is amazing! John Kanzius was diagnosed with leukemia, hence went though several(24) painful chemotherapy operations. He asked if there was any other treatments, and doctors said no. He has no college degree nor any medical engineering history, but he did have some knowledge tinkering with radios.

He took his wife’s pie pans and built a machine that heated up sections in a hot dog without any side effects at all. The basic idea, inject the cancer cell with some metal substance, and the radio waves heat up the metallic areas hence zap the cancer away with no radiation ever needed! Doctors and medical researchers are amazzzzed!

I’m no science geek or anything, but if this idea tricks out, hot damn awesome! This just reminds me that innovations are usually outside of your normal job! So designers, stop going to design conferences, reading the same design magazines, etc….expand your horizon…learn from other fields, and apply them to your design discipline. We are a hybrid economy!

video via cbs
Another more updated Youtube video