Month: August 2009

Dan Pink on the surprising science of motivation


Great talk by our favorite Dan Pink.
How work cultures should change for motivation, activity, and progression.

“There is a mismatch between what science knows and what business does. And here is what science knows. One: Those 20th century rewards, those motivators we think are the natural part of business, do work, but only in a surprisingly narrow band of circumstances. Two: Those if-then rewards often destroy creativity. Three: The secret to high performance isn’t rewards and punishments, but that unseen intrinsic drive. The drive to do things for their own sake. The drive to do things cause they matter.

And here’s the best part. Here’s the best part. We already know this. The science confirms what we know in our hearts. So, if we repair this mismatch between what science knows and what business does, If we bring our motivation, notions of motivation into the 21st century, if we get past this lazy, dangerous, ideology of carrots and sticks, we can strengthen our businesses, we can solve a lot of those candle problems, and maybe, maybe, maybe we can change the world. I rest my case.”

Watch the entire video above, or here.

Craigslist Extreme Makeover

Above images:
Pentagrams Luke Hayman with Lisa Strausfeld  and Matt Willey of Studio8 Design.

“The craigslist team isn’t interested in updating the site, so Wired asked leading designers to give it a user-interface lift.”

I love Craigslist but I’ve always wondered about their interface. Do I like it, hate it, or is it just right? As a designer I’ve always craved images, but also as a designer I love the directness in raw text.  They’ve made subtle changes over the years but if they launched with a more visual design would they have been more successful, worse, or the same?  What role does design actually play a part of in our society for sucess, what do people latch onto, what makes it work, and is great design about differentiating from the rest of the world?

Anyhow, I’m not sure what I’d do to improve Craiglsit since it’s just that good, besides all the spam which often becomes part of the culture.

More at Wired

Heidi Swanson: 101 Cookbooks

I’ve been following our friend Heidi Swanson’s delicious blog 101 cookbooks for awhile now and every time I glance at her photos my mouth drops and eyes widen in jealous curiosity wanting to try everything she cooks up and creates.

Heidi’s also an incredible photographer which makes her food flare just as much as her insight. Above is the result in making Buckwheat Cheese Straws.  I’m not sure how she has the patience to capture her creations before diving but I’m glad she has the time to share it with the world to drool over. If I were to describe a digital visual meal to anyone, go to 101cookbooks and be prepared for some great tips, tricks, and recipes from Heidi!

Buy her books.

Weekend Links

Thought: Whoever taught us wine taste better in a glass container over  plastic, paper, or styrofoam container? Did we learn, or just observe and accept the norm?  Do we drive our own opinions, or just accept the norm?

Weird: San Paolo subway Fat seats.
Tech: Info Viz chart, domain price vs visits.
Architecture: Wooden House
Trick: How to fix a car dent, with hair dryer and can of air video.
InfoViz: How different groups spend their day