Month: September 2007

GadgetOff 2007

gadgetoff 2007

“What happens when you bring four submarines, a helicopter, a hot air balloon, more than 200 of the nation’s top inventors, autonomous vehicles, robots, ferry boats, fire boats, police boats, ultra-high-bandwidth snail chariots, rocket cars, rocket racers, hackers and lock picks to an off-limits island?”

You get GadgetOff, bringing the smart and useless together! I’ve been invited to this years event, Sept 28th, which kicks off in the sweet IAC building, by architect Frank Gehry, then cruises over to the Liberty State Park for the rest of the events chaos. I’m not sure what to expect, but from what I’ve heard, it’ll be a ball busting fun gathering of the bizarre, intellectual, and trouble making individuals. I’ll post about my experience at the event, so watch out for some cool updates in the next week or so after my GM ninja driving trip.

update: the Gadgetoff 2007 Recap here.

Helvetica Coffee Please

helvetica coffee cup mug veer

If ya love Helvetica and Coffee, I think you’ll like this Helvetica mug. I wonder if your font type relates to how you like your coffee. Personally, I’ve cut down on my coffee addiction and prefer Helvetica Standard Light Neue. This mug was made in part to the fabulous documentary “Helvetica” which I briefly mentioned earlier. Enjoy!

Buy here via Veer
Helvetica the Film

(I’m in in Detroit now Test Driving GM cars and finding out more about GM’s future perspective in sustainability, branding, and a new group dedicated to Social Media Communications. Also go-karting in an empty golf course. Will have a report later this week)

Eva Solo Smiley Bowls

Smiley Bowl Eva Solo

Designers Claus Jensen and Henrik Holbaek bring us these very delightful smiling double bowls for Eva Solo. Stash your nuts or candied goodies up top, and leave the bottom for the shells, wrappers, or perhaps olive pits. Even if you don’t use them that often, these colorful glass bowls smile at you. This is just a reminder when you put a bit of personality into a product, it’s more liked. Two more close up pics after the jump.

via yankodesign (more…)

Space Explorer: 3D Navigational Mouse

spce explorer 3d mouse 3dconnexoin

The Space Explorer (by Logitech) gives users a 3 dimensional navigational experience allowing simultaneous inputs for a more fluid and realistic environment. Mouses allow you to pan, twist, spin, or zoom in, but you can’t do all of them in one simple twist.

I’ve played around with the Space Explore and it takes a few hours to get use to. Once your hooked it’s as intuitive as most mice are in any 3D CAD package(I favor Solidworks). I’ve yet to completely convert over to this mouse, but it saves a ton of clicks and twist while making you look cool with blue LEDS hovering under the main knob. I’m not sure if I’m ready to fork over $299 for this, but once the price drops some, I’ll be hooked and sneezing the products amazement around to all my friends.

Check out their other products here, or videos here.

Weekend Links

Sumo wrestlers stretching

Above: picture of sumo wrestlers stretching.
Close chip bags without clips and just folds.
10 signals for fresh fish at the market.
Universal phone chargers: Finally they agree on a standard!
– MEIKO music, webpage or myspace.
Amazing absorbing material with egg drop test. From the same makers of the Soft Magnets.
– A marriage prank video you should never do!

Think Like a Dog Flowchart

Dog Can I Eat Flow Chart

In the design world exists the ever lasting User Experience Flowchart which I’ve created for a multitude of projects giving great visuals to holes and steps within the entire methodology of a task. Well, not as long, but just as informational comes the simple “Dog: Can I Eat” Flowchart. Good stuff.via SwissMiss (source Subtraction with more text about the chart)